Yuan-Ti Pureblood 5E (Fifth Edition) in D&D


Yuan-Ti Purebloods 5E (Fifth Edition) is one of the most human-seeming races within the entire Yuan-Ti breeds. They are also referred to as Snake-Human hybrids and created during the older days of civilization. Their culture derived from an enlightened and advanced state within fanaticism and cruelty. Purebloods 5e race is referred to as a human-like breed along with a few reptilian features such as scale patches on their skin, snake-like eyes, and forked tongue. Similar to humans, they have the same range of weight and height. Purebloods will normally speak, write, and read their race language and involves the better deal of hissing and rating noises to execute the requirements of a forked tongue. Many Purebloods are also eager to learn the common languages to blend within the foreign areas.

Yuan-Ti Pureblood – Traits

Find below the list of traits followed by Yuan-Ti Pureblood races during the Dungeons & Dragons gameplay:
  • Languages – Yuan-Ti Purebloods will speak Abyssal, Draconic, Yuan-Ti language, regional, and any other common languages.
  • Innate Spellcasting – The poison spray cantrip will allow you to cast the animal friendship with numerous times. Most of the time, it will only target the snakes. After reaching the 3rd level, you can also utilize the cast suggestion for advice. Moreover, you need to wait for at least a few hours to take a long rest before utilizing this trait. To utilize this spell, you can use Charisma as the spellcasting ability.
  • Poison Immunity – It will immune your character to the poison damage and poisoned condition.
  • Darkvision – You need to thank the Pureblood character for providing superior vision in dim and dark conditions. Exactly from 60 feet height, dim light can be viewed as bright light and darkness can be viewed as dim conditions. Only gray shades can be seen and other colors cannot be available in darkness.
  • Magic Resistance – The saving throws will offer advantages against magical effects and other spells.
  • Size – Similar to humans, they have the same weight and height. By default, the Pureblood’s characters are Medium in size.
  • Speed – The Yuan-Ti Pureblood’s base walking speed is around 30 feet.
  • Age – Similar to human’s rate, they will get matured and similar length to their lifespan.
  • Alignment – They utilize others as tools and utilize them for manipulation. Purebloods are neutral evil and will care about their chaos and laws.
  • Ability Score Increase – The Charisma score is incremented by 2 and the Intelligence score is incremented by 1.

Yuan-Ti Pureblood Religion

Yuan-Ti Pureblood races will tend to worship the most popular god Seth. Some of the free-wandering Yuan-Ti purebloods will worship the god Varae rather than god Sseth. A few of them will also worship Demons.


A special role was played by the Yuan-Ti purebloods within their society as spies, liaisons, assassins, or agents to easily hide their serpentine features.


Purebloods are commonly known as wicked but a few of them will have their customized magnetic personalities. Similar to Yuan-Ti, they will be arrogant and self-centered. When compared to the true Yuan-Ti races, the purebloods are least attached to their own tribes and easily disguise them. It is also possible to pursue their interests whenever it is required. Their bodies can be easily modified using grafts. Within the underneath magic or clothing, it is much easier to hide the body parts of new serpentine.

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