Tiefling 5E (5th Edition) in D&D


Humanoid belonging to the plane touched category is known as feral tiefling 5e. The real trait which is recognizable is decent from diamonds and devils, but it is known to be so because of the fiendish planes. Apart from all factor stifling, 5e is one of the famous and common characters available.

But the line marked by the evil ancestors cannot be denied at all. The pipeline does not incline toward the evil alignments, but when it comes to the behavior of humans, there are some changes. It is also to be known as D&D tiefling are the aasimars.

Tiefling D&D 5e traits

Multiple traits are there which are shared. Here some of them are mentioned, which you can experience was actually shared by them.

Increase in ability score:

The increase in ability score is directly proportional to intelligence. Therefore it is to be concluded that if there is slightest of the increase in the ability score, then automatically the intelligence will increase by one. And the charisma score will be increased by 2.


The age factor in them is also the same as in humans. They will attain maturity at the same age as humans attend. But their life is long compared to humans.


There is no internet tenancy associated with tiefling. But it has been noticed that some of them will and at the devil. But if the tiefling has an independent nature, then it will increase the chaotic alignment. It doesn’t matter whether it is evil or not.


No one can compare the size of them and the humans. But in general, it is to be concluded that they are available with a greater size as compared. Humans have a normal size.


Speed is also a matter. The base walking speed is around 30 feet.

Dark vision:

Humans possess a normal vision. But in these cases, it has been considered that they are also available with the same vision as humans. Also, due to infernal heritage, there are some fluctuations that can be noticed.

Hellish Resistance:

Hellish resistance is one of the most common features noticed in humans. All humans have resistance towards the fire. The same is noticed in them.

Infernal legacy:

You might be aware that when you reach the Third Level, there are some of the features on blocked. You will be able to cast the tribute spell and as soon as a second level spell with the trait once again. You will regain the ability that will help you to finish a long rest easily. But when you reach the 5th level, the ability to get the darkness spell will see to regain, and also, it would happen that you will finish the long rest whenever you want. Spellcasting abilities are also noticed for all these spells.


Languages are also available, and with certain skills, one can read, write and speak any of the languages easily.

Statistics tiefling:

Size Medium
Type Humanoid
Alignment Usually chaotic

General Info for Tiefling:

Vision Darkvision, low-light vision
Average Lifespan Slightly longer than humans
Homeland’s The Abyss, Narfell, the Nine Hells, the Unapproachable East, and the Old Empires
Language’s Common, Infernal
Favored climate Temperate


Q1.Tieflings have tails as well?

  •  Ans: Yes, as for the Tiefling tail, it is purely cosmetic

Q2.Are Tieflings and Aasimar affected by Arcane Abjuration?

  • Ans: Tieflings and Asimars are humanoids, therefore they are not extinct.

Q3.Do Tiefling Sorcerers have access to the Draconic bloodline?

  •  Ans: Tieflings descended from infernals at least once. In a similar manner, sorcerers with dragon bloodlines possess at least one of their bloodlines that is derived from dragons.

Q4.How are Tieflings and Cambions different?

  •  Ans: In a broader sense, they appear to be human, since they derive from human bloodlines. Yet, the impact of their infernal heritage can clearly be seen in their appearance.

Q5.Is it possible for tieflings to have unique skin tones?

  •  Ans: It includes the most feasible skin tones for tieflings, including ordinary human skin colors, red, blue, and green.

Q6.Can Tieflings be experienced by Paladins?

  •  Ans: It’s not true. A humanoid battle resident on the staff-level surface, Tieflings is in no way below this class lore-wise.

Q7.How accurate are Mordenkainen’s Tiefling subtractions to a marketing campaign setting?

  •  Ans: Variant subraces are no longer associated with specific campaigns. A new set of persona races is also available for gamers.

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