Tabaxi 5e Race for D&D

Tabaxi d and d are the cats like humanoids from the strange and distant land. Together with stories and tales, these interesting artefacts have been collected with curiosity. They are keeping an eye on all worlds’ wonders and gathering all the latest tales and stories from them.

One cannot see that they have stayed in one place for a longer duration. These characters have been introduced from there innate nature, and they did not lose any treasure and legends at all. There are all the secrets uncovered, and these characters let them leave in a manner as they were earlier.

Traits associated with Tabaxi 5e:

Unlike others, there are multiple traits associated with them. One will be able to know about it by going through this article, preferably.


They are also having the same lifespan as possessed by humans. Therefore it will be right to state that they have an equivalent lifespan to humans.


When it comes to noticing the alignments possessed by the tabaxi, these are really Evil. They also tend towards the chaotic alignments cleverly.

Cat’s claws:

They are available with cat claws, and they can climb with a speed of 20 feet. Speed is just because of the claws available. These claws can also be considered as the natural way, and they can make unarmed strikes as well. There are multiple advantages associated with these cat claws.

If one is looking forward to slashing damage, it will be equal to one by fourth of the total strength modifier, and also an under strike will go for bludgeoning damage.

Cat’s talent:

They possess a cat’s talent, as well. The stealth and perception skills are known to be the proficient ones available.


They are available with darkest visions. In the dark, one is available with skin sensors, and these are known to be special senses as well. This is special senses let them see in dim light up to 60 Feet.

Therefore there is no need for them to worry that light is not there, and they cannot see. But they do not possess the special capability to discern the color.


Languages possessed by them are common. One can easily read, write, and speak common languages. Also, if one wants to go for any personal choice, the same option is also available.

Tabaxi size:

The size possessed by them is nearly 6 to 7 feet tall. This can also be considered that these are relatively the same to you months and are Slender as well. It is also to be considered that the human size is medium.


One cannot compromise with the speed. They are available with a base walking speed of 30 feet.

These are the traits that are associated with all the players of tabaxi 5e. If one wants to get sure about the benefits and all other features associated with it, then it is necessary they are going through it, preferably.

This will not only help them to understand the working of these traits, but they will also be able to find out how these are beneficial for them.

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