Hobgoblin 5e (5th Edition) in D&D

From various folktales featuring all the menacing form of Goblinoids, the term hobgoblin has been introduced, which term is used to describe a creature that is friendly but troublesome of the Seelie Court.

It is to be believed that hobgoblins are considered to be strong, smart, and comparatively large creatures. But they are not much powerful as compared to bugbears.

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Hobgoblin 5e

Park from one of Shakespeare’s a midsummer Night’s Dream is a very common hobgoblin present nowadays.

Traits associated with hobgoblin D&D 5e:

When it comes to looking at the traits which are associated with the hobgoblin, there are multiple. If you want to get ensure some of these characters and traits, then here are some of them are mentioned. These are:

Increment in the ability score:

The increment inability score as follows. If the constitution score Rises by 2, then the intelligent score will be rise by one.


When it comes to looking at the age possessed by hobgoblins, it is somewhat similar to humans. Their lifespan is equivalent to humans, and they also attend maturity in the same age as attained by humans.


Rigid rules and instructions are followed by the society of hobgoblin. They have an unforgiving set of conduct as well. Also, they are inclined towards the legitimacy measure, which is a must for them to follow.


The size in hobgoblin varies from five to six feet. And when it comes to noticing the weight it is around 150 to 200 Pounds. Their size is categorized as medium and somewhere it is concerned with humans as well.


The walking speed possessed by them is 30 feet.

Dark vision:

These are able to see in dim light within 60 Feet, And in bright light as well they are able to cope up with the same. There is no such effect of brightness and darkness on their vision.

Martial tranin:

When one is provided with weapons and they are supposed to choose them. One from them is light armor and the other one will be the choice of them.

Savin’s face:

These are known to be fearful when it comes to showing their weaknesses in front of the Enemies. They are very particular about their studies and they do not do anything which can prove them to be weak.


In this particular game, one can read-write, and follow the common languages possessed by goblins.

Hobgoblin Statistics

Some of the statistics which are possessed by hobgoblins, in general, are as follows:

Size Medium
Type Humanoid
Tag’s Goblinoid

Hobgoblin General Info:

When it comes to looking at the general information for hobgoblins the same is as follows:-

Vision Darkvision
Average Lifespan Usually up to 60 years
Patron Deity Maglubiyet
Language’s Goblin, Common
Favored Terrain Hills

Hobgoblin Appearance

Appearance associated with these hobgoblins also plays a big difference. Thus, if one wants to get a quick review of it they can go with the same and get ensure about it easily.

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Average Height 6’3″ – 6’5″
Average Weight 190–240 lbs.
Distinctions Aggressive, cruel, physically durable, disciplined, impressive

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