Genasi 5E (5th Edition) in D&D


 DND Genasi 5e is one such kind of person that is considered to be the offspring of genies and mortals. Genasi 5e do not want any troubles or obstacles when they are starting with the mortal world. It also all of them complete the task to the magical elements and follow the mortal guise and can travel to unknown places anonymously. Nowadays everyone is being interested in playing all those games which can let them filled with a smile and thrill. All those people who are interested in thinking that other planes are from a distant location and they can be the player influence for them they can get easily through the globe. Genas 5e Race will be helpful for D&D 5e Races


Genasi 5e

The primary planes applicable are inhospitable to the needs, and also the native preferably belong to the material plane. Material plane available is used to crash earth, searing flames,  When it comes to looking at the children who are available they are known to be the individuals who are ties in two or more worlds. The main characters possessed by them are dominant for the generation and available with Heritage as well.

The statistics which are followed by them are quite different. If you want to know about the same then you must have a look at it.

Size Medium
Type Humanoid
Alignment Usually neutral

  • Vision: Darkvision
  • Average: Lifespan 72–110 years
  • Homeland’s: Abeir, Akanûl, Calimshan, Laerakond
  • Language’s: Common, Primordial
  • Subraces: Earth genasi, fire genasi, stormsoul genasi, water genasi, air genasi, etc.

  • Average: Height 5’7″ – 6’2″
  • Average: Weight 130–225 lbs

Genasi names

The naming convention is used throughout. The people who are indulging in this game usually feel that they have risen in the same manner. Different names are captured through the overall Heritage. The names vary according to different domains. Some of them are famous, Amber, wave, and even onyx.


Subraces are also a must for one to consider. Therefore prominent some 5e subraces are available which are famously found in the world of the and ready. They are as follows someone in the air, earth, fire, and water. One can go for any of them as per their choice.

Water Genasi 

  • Ability Score Increase:  Wisdom score increases by 1.
  • Acid Resistance: we have resistance to acid damage.
  • Amphibious: we can breathe air and water.
  • Swim: we have a swimming speed of 30 feet.

Genasi traits:

There are multiple traits that are associated with it. If you want to get aware of the same, then here are some of them are mentioned.


There are multiple languages associated with them. One can go for any language and can go to speak, read, and write as well. Primordial and common both are available in it.

Ability Score:

There is an increment in the constitutional score and which is raised by number 2.


The maturity age associated with them is similar to that of humans. They easily reached adulthood in their late teens and they live longer compared to the human species. Their lifespan is more than 120 years.


This is somewhat similar to parents and deposits the same physics As human beings. They can be located anywhere five feet two more than 6 feet tall and they usually remain medium.


They are available with 30 feet walking Basal walking speed.

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