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The strong Firbolg 5E (Fifth Edition) is referred to as Giant kin, which keeps unfriendly from various other sentient races. Firbolg is the best intelligent characters across the kin’s races and prefer to live within the colonies when compared to the other civilizations. The creatures will practice the most common work of Farming instead of using food gathering or hunting.

firbolg 5e races

When compared to species, they are entirely different from other raiders of the same farmlands. Firbolg 5e races of D&D fifth edition will prefer to live in an ordered manner instead of a reckless wanderer. This character will play the game of Discipline rather than other species that will play as villainous and evil.

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Firbolg 5e – Traits

  • Firbolg Languages – They can easily write, read, and speak in Giant, Elvish, and other common languages.
  • Speech of Leaf & Beast – Here they have the best ability in a limited manner of communication with the plants and beasts. They have the special ability to understand your expressions without the word’s exact meaning and provide them in return. You can influence them with the advantage of utilizing the entire charisma checks.
  • Powerful Build – Your personnel weight and carrying capacity can be determined to lift or drag or even push as a larger size.
  • Hidden Step – You can utilize the invisible bonus action to force for using a saving throw, making a new damage roll, and until you are starting your attack or the next turn. Moreover, you need to wait for at least a few hours to take a long rest before utilizing this trait.
  • Firbolg Magic – You can utilize the Wisdom spellcasting ability for self disguise and to detect the magic-using this trait. However, it is not possible to use these kinds of traits until you take a complete long rest. The self disguise with the latest version can assist to view at least shorter at 3-feet than normal. It can also allow you to blend more easily with Elvis and humans.
  • Speed – 30 feet is the base walking speed for Firbolgs.
  • Firbolg Size – They weigh around 300 pounds, and height will be 7-feet or 8-feet tall. By default, they are Medium in size.
  • Alignment – Most of the people who prefer to follow the natural rhythm will find themselves as the best caretakers. Many Firbolg 5E (Fifth edition) are referred to as neutral good and a few evil Firbolgs are named Seldom. They both are usually referred to as the sworn enemies of the earth.
  • Firbolg Age – Similar to Humans, Firbolg will also mature at the same rate, and considered the age of 30 at their young age. Their average lifespan maybe around 500 years.
  • Ability Score Increase – The Strength score is incremented by 1 and the Wisdom score is incremented by 2.

Firbolg Names

During the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) 5E (Fifth Edition) gameplay, the players are allowed to choose the name (either Male or Female) of their choice. Find below the list of male & female names for your reference:

  • Male Names – Ravalana, Valzana, Wynrieth, Chaemys, and Brysatra.
  • Female Names – Aefir, Daeneiros, Petven, Tranan, and Beiquinal.


  • Size: Medium
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Tag’s: Firbolg

 General Info

  • Vision: Low-light vision, Normal Vision
  • Average Lifespan: Up to 500 years
  • Homeland’s: Feywild, Remote regions of Faerûn, Ice Spires
  • Language’s: Common, Giant, Elven
  • Favored Terrain: Hills, forests


  • Average Height: 10’6″ – 11’4″ (3.2–3.5 m)
  • Average Weight: 610–710 lbs. (280–320 kg)
  • Hairstyle: Thick beards


  • Darkwalker on Moonshae
  • Night Masks
  • The Chaos Curse
  • The Titan of Twilight
  • The Druid Queen


1Q: How Tall is Firbolg 5e ?

  • A: In between 7 and 8 Feet Tall !

2Q: What Is The Weight Of Firbolg?

  • A: In between 240 to 300 pounds

3Q: How Old Are Firbolgs?

  • A: 30years

4Q: Do Firbolg D&D Have Tails?

  • A: No, they do not have tails.

5Q: Do DnD 5E Firbolg Have Fur ?

  • A: In dnd 5e these dnd 5e firbolgs are fuzzy.

6Q: Where Are Firbolg ?

  • A: At greek or eastern origin.

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