Dwarf 5E (5th Fifth Edition) in D&D


Dwarf 5E (Fifth Edition) is referred to stoic or stern races available within the cities and carved from the mountain’s heart and determined fiercely to keep them away from the depredations of numerous savage races such as Goblins or Orcs. When compared to other DND races in Dungeons & Dragons (D&D 5E), the dwarves will maintain their reputation as humorless and dour artisans of the world. Even their history will showcase numerous dwarves’ dark disposition to reside in the dangerous realms & high mountains below the earth. They constantly prepare to war against the various horrors, goblins, and giants.

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Dwarf 5E – Traits

The Dwarf 5e character will include Dwarven nature’s parcel, part, and inborn abilities such as:

  • Languages – They are more familiar to write, read, & speak Dwarvish and other common languages. Dwarvish language is full of guttural sounds and hard consonants. Those characteristics can even spill over whichever language they might speak.
  • Stonecunning – If a History or Intelligence check is created with regards to the Origin of stonework then it is considered included in the History skill proficiency. Rather than utilizing the normal proficiency bonus, you can increment twice to check the Proficiency Bonus.
  • Tool Proficiency – Make use of your preferred artisan’s tool to gain your Tool proficiency points like mason’s tools, brewer’s supplies, or smith’s tools.
  • Dwarven Combat Training – It is easier to get proficient with the Warhammer, Light Hammer, Handaxe, and even Battleaxe.
  • Dwarven Resilience – Dwarfs have the resistance power against the poison damage and utilize the Saving throws advantage against the poison.
  • Darkvision – You need to thank the Dwarf blood for providing superior vision in dim and dark conditions. Exactly from 60 feet height, dim light can be viewed as bright light and darkness can be viewed as dim conditions. Only gray shades can be seen and other colors cannot be available in darkness.
  • Speed – 25 feet is the base walking speed for a Dwarf. Even if you wear Heavy armor, it won’t reduce the base walking speed.
  • Size – They weigh around 150 pounds, and their height will be 4 or 5 feet tall. By default, they are Medium in size.
  • Alignment – With the advantages of a well-ordered society, they are very much lawful. They are good enough and have a strong sense to have a Fair play with everyone. A Dwarf believes that everyone across the earth will deserve to utilize the just order benefits.
  • Age – Similar to Humans, Dwarves will also mature at the same rate, and considered the age of 50 as their young age. Their average lifespan may be around 350 years.
  • Ability Score Increase – The Constitution score will be incremented by 2.
  • Dwarf Varieties

Find below the list of Dwarf varieties available within the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) 5E Fifth edition:

5th Edition Statistics for Dwarf 

  • Size: Medium
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Tag(s): Dwarf

General Information

  • Vision: Darkvision[1]
  • Average lifespan: 350 years[1]
  • Homeland(s): Prime Material Plane
  • Language(s): Common, Dwarven[1]
  • Subraces: Arctic dwarves, Gold dwarves, Gray dwarves,  Shield dwarves, Urdunnir dwarves, Wild dwarves


  • Average height: 4 – 5 ft (1.2 – 1.5 m)[1]
  • Average weight: 150 lb (68 kg)[1]
  • Distinctions: Physically durable, insightful, primarily dwell underground, some females capable of growing beards.


  • Average height: 4 ft (1.2 m)
  • Skin color(s): Brown
  • Hair color(s): Black or brown
  • Eye color(s): Brown or hazel


  • Skin color(s): Fair
  • Hair color(s): Brown, blond or red
  • Eye color(s): Green, hazel, or silver-blue


  • Skin color(s): Ash
  • Hair color(s): Bald
  • Eye color(s): Black

Underdark Dwarf

Dwarf 5E (D&D Fifth Edition)

  • Sunlight Sensitivity – Any direct sunlight from your target or any attack will provide the disadvantage of utilizing the Wisdom checks or Attack rolls.
  • Duergar Resilience – The Saving throws will offer an advantage against the paralyzed or charmed or illusions.
  • Ability Score Increase – The Strength score will be incremented by 1.

Mountain Dwarf

  • Dwarven Armor Training – This type of Dwarf will the medium and light armor proficiency.
  • Ability Score Increase – The Strength score will be incremented by 2.

Hill Dwarf

  • Dwarven Toughness – The hit point will be incremented by 1 and each time level progress may gain another 1 point.
  • Ability Score Increase – One point can be incremented by using the Wisdom score.


Q1.Dwarves speed: what is it and how can it be reduced?

  •  Ans: There is a problem with 25ft walking. This slow speed is only experienced by dwarves and gnomes.

Q2.Where is dwarvish fear found?

  •  Ans: Each set has different lore, and dwarves aren’t all afraid of the same things.

Q3.How do the dwarfs deal with their enemies?

  •  Ans: A common hatred of half-orcs and orcs among dwarves usually carries over to their hatred of goblins and orcs.

Q4.What is the average age of dwarfs?

  •  Ans: Until they reach the age of 50, dwarfs are considered young. Dwarfs live an average of 350 years.

Q5.Size of dwarves: how tall are they?

  •  Ans: About 150 pounds and 4-5 feet tall, dwarfs are small creatures.

Q6.How did the dwarfs communicate?

  •  Ans: In addition to using a common language, dwarfs also use their own language. You should understand what dwarfism means.

Q7.When is the best time to put a dwarf to exploit?

  •  Ans: The dwarf would be well served by a rogue

Q8.Are dwarfs able to see in darkness?

  •  Ans: You are accustomed to living underground, where light conditions are dim and dark. If you are within 60 feet of bright light, you can see it just as clearly as if the light were dim.

Q9.Dwarves can be rangers, but how?

  •  Ans: In most dwarf settlements, rangers are the eyes and ears on the ground who keep an eye and ear on things from a distance.

Q10.Dwarves with beards are female?

  •  Ans: It is described in the War of the Jewels that all dwarves, including women, grow beards. Dwarves speculated whether these characters had beards, but stated only that they all had them.

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