Dragonborn 5e (5th Edition) in D&D


Dragonborn 5E is nearly none, however, under unusual circumstances; you can come through such persons. The person belongs to various fights and genders based on heredity. Dragonborn 5e blood is a skill that is rewarded by the Akatosh, the authorized God of the dragon. He is the symbol of asset, endurance, and strength. One of the most significant dragon tongues, it is used by the humanoids for actual interaction. you can know all 5e races information from here.

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Dragonborn 5e

Dragonborn 5e (5th Edition) in D&D

The D&D 5E Dragonborn is an infective battle known for being involved in the Dragon D&D 5E Game battle. They are supposed to be humanoid battles that follow draconic personalities outside of the selection. Dragonborn is known as an outstanding fighter and acquisitive for the military. Also, some of them try into Rajputs or troops of great status.

Size: Medium
Type: Humanoid
Tag’s: Dragonborn

Vision: Normal, some exhibit low-light vision
Average: Lifespan Usually up to 80 years
Homeland’s: Abeir, Laerakond, and Tymanther
Language’s: Common, Draconic

Average Height: 6’2″ – 6’8″
Average Weight: 220–320 lbs
Skin Color’s: Scarlet, gold, rust, ocher, bronze, or brown scales
Eye Color’s: Red or gold
Distinction’s: Physically and mentally strong, capable of using dragon breath, rapid growth

Dragonborn 5e Campaign Settings

Dragonborn 5e races

Forgotten Realms

  • The Dragonborn reached from the Abeir world considered as the misplaced sibling of Toril.
  • The perspectives in the battle engaged the kingdom of Tymanther but the majority of the fighters lived in Refunded Abeir.


  • In the battle, the 5e characters are considered as the children of the dragons creating from Argonessen, a landmass that was lost long ago in the kingdom of the period.
  • The creatures lived in isolation in the landscape until they came in contact with other races due to the discovery of Khorvaire.

Dark Sun

  • Dark sun campaign setting also indicates the survival of the dragon born.
  • Individuals are said to be born of humans due to the magician-king.

Dragonborn 5e Traits

Ability Score Increase:

Your power score increases by 2, and your Personalitymark increases by 1.


  • Young Dragonborn develops rapidly.
  • They walk hours after marking, achieve the size and growth of a 10-year-old human child by the age of 3, and spread maturity by 15.
  • They live to be around 80.


  • Dragonborn incline to excesses, creating a conscious selection for one side or the other in the galactic battle between good and wicked.
  • Most Dragonborn is respectable, but those who side with malevolent can be dreadfulrogues.


  • Dragonborn are taller and heavier than humans, over 6 feet tall and standing on average about 250 pounds.


Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Draconic Ancestry

  • You have a draconic origin. Select one type of dragon from the Draconic Origin table.
  • Your sniffarmament and injury battle is resolute by the dragon type.

Breathe Weapon

  • You can use your achievement to respirecritical energy.
  • Your draconic ancestry regulates the size, shape, and injury type of the complaint.

Damage Resistance

  • You have Resistance to the injury indlinked with your draconic ancestry.


DragonType of DamageBreath Weapon
BlackAcid5 by 30 ft. line (Dex. save)
BlueLightning5 by 30 ft. line (Dex. save)
BrassFire5 by 30 ft. line (Dex. save)
BronzeLightning5 by 30 ft. line (Dex. save)
CopperAcid5 by 30 ft. line (Dex. save)
GoldFire15 ft. cone (Dex. save)
GreenPoison15 ft. cone (Con. save)
RedFire15 ft. cone (Dex. save)
WhiteCold15 ft. cone (Con. save)
SilverCold15 ft. cone (Con. save)


Draconic is thought to be one of the firstborn Languages and is frequently used in the learning of magic. There are countless pieces of evidence about Dragonborn 5e though the most consistent point is that it is a humanoid that has the emotion and personality of a dragon. The body lives in the earthly plane and the person says the antique language of the Dov. It is recognized as Thuum or the voice observed as magic to make dragon shouts perfectly.

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