Aasimar 5e (5th Edition) in D&D Race


Aasimar 5e in the D&D is one of the games which is liked by people very much as the game quite shows the world of a human and large amount of the celestial or the excellent outsider blood in their ancestry.

But they are different from humans and possess different in nature. Aasimar is generous in nature and they do not believe in being rude sort of thing. They are more connected with beings that belong to the celestial organizations.

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Nature of Aasimar 5e

It is said that the Aasimars attract more act of generosity than the evil and that is why they magnates more towards trusts or any other organizations which are connected with the celestials.

If they are to be compared with beings aasimar 5e is mature at the same rate as the humans but the aasimar.

You can even use common and celestial languages on the Aasimar for speaking, reading, and writing. They are different in size compared to humans and differ in their weight and height. The walking speed is about 30 feet at your base!

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Aasimar 5e General Info

HomelandPrime Material, Plane,Celestial Planes
LanguageCommon, Celestial

Aasimar 5e Statistics 


Aasimar Appearance

Hair Color’sRed, blonde, brown, black, silver
Distinctions Physically almost similar to humans, insightful, magnetic personality, capacity to cast supernatural light, celestial heritage
Average HeightMale: 5′ – 7’4″ (150–220 cm) Female: 4’7″ – 6’11” (140–210 cm)
Average WeightMale: 124–280 lbs. (56.2–127 kg;
Female: 89–245 lbs. (40.4–111 kg)
Eye Color’sPupil-less pale white, gold, gray, or topaz
Skin Color’sPale to dark brown, emerald, gold, silver

Angelic Guide


  • Tadriel
  • Myllandra
  • Seraphina
  • Galladia
  • Mykiel
  • Valandras


  • Bookish and lecturing
  • Compassionate and hopeful
  • Practical and lighthearted
  • Fierce and vengeful
  • Stern and judgmental
  • Kind and parental

The dark vision

Well, Aasimar 5e has even the ability to see in the dark and dim conditions too, you need to even thank your infernal heritage. 

The capability of seeing even in the darkness is one of the rare qualities in this kind of game to find out. Only Aasimar has this trait of doing it, it can even see within 60 feet which is quite appreciative.

Celestial resistance

Celestials are the ideal warriors as they have this resistance to the dangerous impair plus the bright injuries.

Healing Hands

You can easily touch the creature and get the number of the hit points that are sufficient to the level and it is even an action. This is a one-time trait that can be used and cannot take them back.

Light Bearer

This is one kind of trait which is possessed by Aasimar 5e.  It has even charisma with your spell casting capability for it.

Abilities – The Aasimars are a wise and intelligent race with unparalleled and they are also famous for being quite perceptive and recognizing objects that cannot be found so very easily. Whereas, the character has so much in its quality and lets people enjoy it in a better way.

Some of aasimar’s name

  • Galladia – fierce and vengeful
  • Valandars – kind and parental
  • Mykiel – firm and judgmental
  • Tadriel – bookish and lecturing
  • Seraphina – practical and light-hearted
  • Myllandra – compassionate and hopeful

This game is, of course, one of the best and gives people the opportunity to have the best game.  It has its history in the creation of the cross between gods and humans.  

Aasimar 5e Names

  • Male Names: Aliban, Corrinith, Daamen, Innatoth, Marrinan, Selamain.
  • Female Names: Belaana, Dresina, Genneth, Tiana, Wendethelas

There is a long whole story about it and quite interesting too. This aasimar gives lots of reasons to like this game and play peacefully. The game is all about discovering something new. In case, if you aren’t aware of such things, then you can have a look at the above discussion which will be helpful for all the seekers at any time.


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Q1.What Is Aasimar’s Age?

  •  Ans: The Aasimars mature at an alike pace as humans. If they choose to, they can survive up to sixty years.

Q2.An Aasimar can gain wings in an antimagic field, but how exactly?

  •  Ans: When in an antimagic field, Aasimar can make use of this ability

Q3.Are Aasimar’s wings real?

  •  Ans: There are no wings on them now. However, they sprout wings with an extraordinary ability. Aasimar does not possess life-long wings.

Q4.Asimars that have fallen to the ground are fallen aasimars?

  •  Ans: Any group of Aasimar in dnd whose inner mildness has been changed by the shadow is a fallen Aasimar – any group of Aasimar in dnd whose shadow has touched them.

Q5.Does Aasimar have the potential to be evil?

  •  Ans: Aasimar CAN indeed be evil! As far as the Aasimar are concerned, they are also inclined to appropriate alignments, but they also can be evil.

Q6.Can you explain the Aasimar Favored Class Rewards for Paladins?

  •  Ans: Increase the morale bonus by 6 points when the paladin’s aura provides a saving throw

Q7.Angelic information about Aasimar Warlock and celestial shoppers can they be the same thing?

  •  Ans: Certainly, they should be able to speak to them through dreams using Aasimar’s angelic knowledge

Q8.Aasimar Trait: What does it mean?

  •  Ans: There are no mechanical benefits to these descriptors, but they are necessary to understand how they affect your character in terms of spells, effects, and other elements.

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